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We are proud to be able to render tutoring services for university students including Accounting, Chemistry, and Engineering subjects.

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Student Reviews
from around the world
Icon Student
Gr 12 Student (Math's & Acc)2022

I just wanted to thank you for everything?
Thanks to u I passed with a bachelors??
It wouldn't have been possible without you ❤️ - (Unedited)

Icon Student

Gr.12 Leerder (Wisk)2022

Middag, hoop dit gaan goed. Dit het baie goed gegaan met André. Hy het Wiskunde geslaag met 54 %. Ons is so trots op hom. Dit was regtig 'n verbetering op sy hele jaar. - (Unedited)

Icon Student

Gr.9 Learner (Afrikaans)2022

Thanks a lot mam. My child has improved a lot in Afrikans becuase of your contribution. Let me know you start conducting lessons again next yr.  i wish you well in your endeavors. Happ holidays - (Unedited)